Jesus & Stuff: Session 2


PREP VIDEO Use the video below to help you better prepare for this week's Huddle.   ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO Play this video for your Huddle.  *You can view this on the Heights Students YouTube or Vimeo channels through designated Apple TV's.      EXTRA STUDY MATERIALS What we want students to learn: That no matter [...]

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Impress or Influence?


As I learn about other organizations, businesses, ministries, etc, I notice that there is a specific group of attributes that create healthy culture.  There is a common language.  There is a clear mission.  There is a sense of purpose and calling to where you are investing time a resources.  Unity within a team points to healthy culture. (RABBIT TRAIL: [...]

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Jesus & Stuff: Session 1


STUDY: Overview What we want students to learn: That if our love for our stuff comes between our devotion to God, we’re doing it all wrong. What we want students to do with what they’ve learned: To honestly evaluate whether or not their love for their stuff competes with their devotion to Christ. Scripture Focus: [...]

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