Engage Honduras: Abundant Joy


Juan Navarro sharing the Gospel at a school using the "3 Cirlcle" tool! Today was full of lots of time spent with kids! We started the morning off running a VBS at a new school. It just opened five months ago and was very different than all the other schools we've been to! We found [...]

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Engage Honduras: Chosen Vessels of Grace


Team prepping supplies to lay concrete. It's our last full day in Honduras and it's been a great way to round out this trip. This morning we went to Promise Home Tilapia Farms and filled up 40 bags of sand and got all of the tools we needed to install two pilas. Pilas are outdoor [...]

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Engage Honduras: Limitless Love


Madi Bradley at a local school. It's been another great and challenging day in Honduras! This morning we ran a VBS at a school near Promise Home, getting to make new friends and share the love of Christ with them. This afternoon we continued working on the trail that team 1 started last week. The [...]

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Engage Honduras: Empty, Yet Full


What a full first day team 2 had!! We got to run children's church this morning at Promise Home Church. During children's church we got to sing songs, share our stories, act out the story of Noah, do a craft and play. We did lots of playing and loving on these sweet kiddos. After children's [...]

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Engage Honduras: Passing the Baton


Our team praying at Promise Home Orphanage. Today we said, "Adios!" to team one and, "Hola!" to team two! It's been an exciting day, indeed. Team two landed around 1pm and team one got to wave to them from their gate as they disembarked their plane. It was a very cool moment of seeing the [...]

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Engage Honduras: Without Borders


Today was our first team's last full day in Honduras. We started off the morning dividing into two teams to minister in a neighborhood. One team installed a pila, an outdoor sink, at a family's home while the other walked around to visit family's and give them rice and beans and pray with them. Once [...]

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Engage Honduras: Fish and Trails, Rice and Beans


It was another great day in Honduras! We got to put on another Vacation Bible School Program at a school in Toyos this morning. The kids were so fun and it was a great time of getting to share the love of Christ with them. This afternoon we had a few different things going on--a [...]

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Engage Honduras: Embracing Honduras


Hola mi amigos! Today our team went to a school in El Progreso that our ministry partners have connections with. We came to one school building and spent the entire day there. As it turns out, this school building houses two entirely different public schools! One group comes from 6:30a-12:00p and another from 1:00p-5:00p. Our [...]

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Engage Honduras: First Team’s First Day


Hola from Honduras!! Our first day is coming to a close and man, was it full and good. We got here around lunch time, ate lunch, settled in at our hotel and then went to Promise Home Orphanage for a tour. It was a joy to be at Promise Home and see God's faithfulness to [...]

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