Huddles: Lesson 1 – Identity: Chosen


Huddles: September 12, 2018 Basic Instructions… Below is the plan for you to follow as you lead out this study. At the end of this post we have attached the full curriculum that includes some very helpful Bible background and commentary to help you as you prepare to lead. Our prayer for you is that [...]

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Sunday Bible Fellowship: November and December


November and December November 4, 2018, Samuel Anointing David  (STRUCTURE 3) CLICK HERE for 11/4/18 lesson guide   November 11, 2018, The Rise and Fall of Solomon CLICK HERE for 11/11/18 lesson guide   November 18, 2018, The Divided Kingdom CLICK HERE for 11/18/18 lesson guide   November 25, 2018, The Destruction of Israel and [...]

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Sunday Bible Fellowship: October


October Lessons October 7, 2018, Moses and the Burning Bush  (STRUCTURE 3) CLICK HERE for 10/7/18 lesson guide   October 14, 2018, Joshua and the Promised Land CLICK HERE for 10/14/18 lesson guide   October 21, 2018, The Period of the Judges CLICK HERE for 10/21/18 lesson guide   October 28, 2018, Solomon and the [...]

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Sunday Bible Fellowship: September


September Lessons September 2, 2018, Introduction | Seeing the Gospel in All of Scripture (STRUCTURE 3) CLICK HERE for 9/2/18 lesson guide   September 9, 2018, Creation and Creation of Man CLICK HERE for 9/9/18 lesson guide   September 16, 2018, Sin and the Fall CLICK HERE for 9/16/18 lesson guide   September 23, 2018, (No Bible [...]

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