November 2019 Curriculum


November 3rd: Love's Perfect Expression (Structure 3) November 10th: Loving Outward (Structure 1) November 17th: The Call to Follow (Structure 2) November 24th: Nothing Less Than Following (Structure 1)

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October 2019 Curriculum


October 6th: The God Who Saves (Structure 1) October 13th: Jesus = Savior (Structure 2) October 20th: New Life, New Purpose (Structure 3) October 27th: God is Love (structure 1)

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September 2019 Curriculum


September 1st: Growing Our Faith (Structure 3) September 8th: God, One in Three (Structure 2) September 15th: The Savior Son (Structure 1) September 29th: The Spirit Alive and at Work (Structure 1)

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