At our leader meeting on Sunday, we unpacked the 3 different practices of discipleship from Building a Discipling Culture. As a staff and leadership team, we want to keep these three practices in the forefront of our minds as we are ministering to these students. Our goal is, by God’s grace, to find a healthy balance each of these three elements of discipleship in the student ministry as we seek to make disciples by taking personal risks to bring the gospel to every relationship.


In this setting, information is passed on from a main teacher to the students. This is the setting where big chunks of information can be taught in one sitting. There is little to no dialogue in this setting.


This is the setting that moves from the classroom to hands-on practice. This is where specific skills are developed. The main practice of apprenticeship is about someone investing their time, energy, and skills into another. The motto of this setting is, “Teach me what you do.”


Immersion is moving beyond lecture and apprenticeship to invite people into your life. In this setting, people have access to the culture you live in that will hopefully begin to shape them. This process can be slow, subtle and almost under the radar. The best way to sum this setting up is that as you experience immersion, you have the inability to separate Christian life from any other aspect of your life.

Which of these settings comes most naturally to you? Which one pushes you out of your comfort zone? Ask the Spirit to teach you how to find a healthy rhythm of each of these three practices in your daily life as a disciple who is making disciples.