Challenge for this week:I recently read this brief excerpt from a book written by famed Duke Basketball Coach, “Coach K.” At the beginning of each season, he tells his team:

   “It’s important to begin using plural pronouns right away. “Our” instead of “my.” “We” instead of “I.” “Us” rather than “me.” I don’t want the guys to be thinking this is “my” team-Coach K’s team. I want them to believe it’s “our” team.” 

The movement from singular to plural pronouns might seem, at face value, like nothing more than semantics. But, alongside Coach K, we believe it is much more. It reminds us that this mission is far greater than what is happening right here at 201 W Renner Rd.  With every shift in pronoun, we remind ourselves that the Spirit is active and moving AND there are others in the trenches as well. Here’s a little challenge, as you pray for our students and the ministries here at Heights, also take a few minutes pray for another church, any church. Could be the one by your house, the one you grew up at, or a church down the road from us.Pray for their ministries and their leaders (don’t worry, God knows their name!) standing in the trenches just like you. As you pray, I hope the Spirit reminds you that OUR  team is a LOT bigger than what we see and know.