We love Christmas!  Maybe you have already purchased candles that give the fragrant aroma of pine trees or apple cider.  If you are like me, you have tweaked, made additions to, and are blasting a quality compilation of Christmas music. I love a good variety from Johnny Cash to Pentatonix.  This year Mallory and I are having conversations about how we want family rhythms to be expressed during the season.  It is a fun time of year for many.  For some, maybe it is a little bittersweet.  I remember 4 years ago where I sat in a hospital room knowing that it would be the last Christmas I would ever spend with my father.  I am reminded of how much I miss him around this time of year and how he would have loved to see my boys’ first Christmas experience.  We are all on a journey and in different stages of life, but one thing remains true during this advent season.  God is a good father that loves his kids.  He is true.  He does what he says he is going to do and accomplishes what he sets out to accomplish.  Christmas is so good because it reminds us of how good God is and how much we desperately need him.

If you can’t tell already, we are passionate about teaching our students how to observe the advent season.  We desperately want people within our ministry and church to love the Gospel more than themselves.  If you are not on guard during this season, you can easily observe your expectations reaching various levels of selfishness, egocentrism, etc.  Jesus came so that we might be set free from this way of living.  Jesus came, lived, died in our place and raised from the grave NOT so that we could be free to get what we want.  It was to set us free to receive what we need.  That is himself.  That is the Gospel.  That’s why we observe the advent season.  It is to remind ourselves that the world DOES NOT revolve around us.  Jesus brings Hope, Peace, Joy, Love.  This is his nature.

The Infuse devotionals have been walking us through the Scriptures as they point unto Jesus.  Infuse is meant to be a guide in helping us saturate our lives with God’s word.  Please join us as we engage together as a church community during this advent season.  You can gain access to these devotionals through one of the below avenues…

If you are looking for another advent reading plan to come alongside Infuse, please let me know.


Schedule for Advent Candles in Heights Students

November 29: Hope

December 6: Joy

December 9: Peace (Heights Students Christmas Party)

December 20: Love

December 24: Christ (Video Via Social Media)

Bo Behenna
Student Minister