First full day of camp…Check!! We started off the day with breakfast and time for students to work through the daily devotional. Then one of the most fun parts of the day happened. What was that? MORNING SHOW! Morning Show is how we kick off our mornings together at camp by watching funny videos, hearing camp news, playing games, and laughing together. We spend the last portion of Morning Show being challenge from the Bible and having some time to discuss questions in our small group.

Immediately following Morning Show was the Kadoku Games and lunch. The fictional worlds are very spirited and are fighting hard to win the title of Kadoku Champs. It’s truly anyones game at this point! We ate lunch together then broke up into our small groups to talk about the Call God has placed on our lives. This was very good time of discussion and growing in our understanding of God. Then we got to enjoy some free time, where students spread out across camp to take on new heights at the ropes course, cool off in the lagoon, and so much more.

We finished our day with dinner, our evening worship gathering, small group discussion and the Small Group Olympics Late Night. It’s been a full day of fun, growth, and watching God move in hearts! Read below to hear more stories from students–

Camp is one of my favorite times of the year. All the distractions are gone, and it’s a time to have fun and grow closer to friends. It’s also a time to learn more about what following God looks like. The theme this year is purpose which I think is super important and a good choice to talk about. So many of us place our identity in everything other than God & learning about purpose in Christ has been so helpful for me. I am excited for our last day and a half of camp to see how God continues to teach and grow me in my purpose in Him! -Katie Johnston, a rising junior at Sachse High School

Camp has been truly life changing. In only a couple days I have learned and grown a ton. Although before arrival, I had already surrendered my life to Christ, I was distant with him. Over the past probably year I have been facing and going through some of the hardest things I have ever had to endure this far in life. At that time, I relied on material things and I truly felt broken and worthless. A bit before camp and during I have been renewed in him. I have been reminded that everything happens for a reason, that we just have to trust in him. I’ve also learned that God’s will is always open to us and that we should set aside earthly things and only focus on him. After being renewed, I am the closest I have ever been with God. He is my rock and I depend only on him alone. Today my one and only purpose is found through God. -Ella Stampe, a rising 8th grader at Cooper Junior High

This year’s camp started off with the 3rd annual Kadoku Games. Although it’s been 3 years, I still don’t know if the word “Kadoku” was made up by the staff or if it’s actually real. The most notable game was probably the bubble soccer on the recreation field. Partially because it wasn’t fun trying to breathe in the bubbles. However, the last second goal that looked like it rolled into our goal on accident, sending us to the loss column, was probably the worst thing that’ll happen to me at camp this year. At least I hope so. If you are a Kadoku veteran like me, you understand that there’s always one team that will go undefeated, or close to it. In that case, the sole way to win for us now is to non-stop chant whatever team chant my team can think of in order to win “spirit points”. Considering my team this year, Rivendell from Lord of The Rings, let’s just say we’re a little behind on that. Last year, my team, Team Texas aka. “Superteam” aka. “Ugh Not Fair”, got second place regardless of our almost perfect record, because Team Arizona had more spirit than us. Which I guess makes sense because we were the Golden State Warriors of Kadoku in many aspects. So who in the right mind would want to see them win anything?

The night activities begun with songs of worship from a band I believe I’ve never heard before. It’s always a joy to be pleasantly surprised by how good the band actually is once you finally hear them play for the first time. They played great songs for a camp setting, and to say the least it was really enjoyable. As the worship ended, Cory Butler, came up and gave a humble and heartwarming greeting to all of THSM. He went on to talk about our purpose in life. Ephesians highlights this subject matter by stating that in Christ, you life is filled with purpose. In other words, you were placed on this earth for a reason. What stood out to me was the fact that Cory, a living testimony of God’s Plan, was in front of us talking about purpose. He’s not just telling us, but he’s been showing us for the past few years how to live life with purpose. The best way to go through life is to go through life with Christ. This week I pray I recognize this indisputably perfect path that God has laid out of me. Because I know with him, “—he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17)          -Jonathan McNair, a rising senior at Plano East

Join us in continuing to pray for the Lord to remove distractions from our hearts and minds so that we might fix our eyes on Him and hear His voice clearly. The Lord is mighty to save and we have already gotten to celebrate new life in our midst twice and are continuing to pray for salvation for those that don’t know Christ and for deeper sense of identity and purpose for those that know Him!