I never had any idea that those people that I met would become some of the best friends I’ve ever had.  Each year going to camp I know that my friendships are going to be renewed and strengthened. Alongside those personal relationships, the corporate activities at camp are incredible for creating community, and are also a lot of fun.  The THSM and camp staff do an excellent job of involving every student in the rec, late night, and morning activities, and everyone has a great time.

However, the fun isn’t the most important part of camp, although it is a great added bonus.  Every year at camp I’ve felt God touch my life in a different way. Whether He is revealing wisdom to me, connecting me with students and leaders, convicting me, or speaking to me in other ways I know that when I go to camp and I’m isolated from the normal distractions that a summer week can provide, I’ll be poured into by God, by my leaders, and by my friends.  Camp 2019 was when I initially got connected with my current mentor and essentially was started on the path of being directly discipled, which has seen my faith grow and seen my life be in essence turned around for the better. Camp 2018 was when I grew leaps and bounds in my relationship with my closest friend and best accountability partner. Camp 2017 was when God revealed to me my desire to work with students and set me on the path to finding my future career.  I know I can be excited about camp 2020 because every year God has been at work extremely presently at student camp, working in my life and the lives of every student who is present.