Invest in Your Students at Chi Alpha 2017.


Join the Host Team At Chi Alpha, we mobilize 3 teams to better serve teenagers during the weekend experience.  They are the Host, Point, and Logistics teams.  The Point Team will give direction from the administrative side of the Chi Alpha experience.  They will manage details in various ways.  The Logistics Team will facilitate much of the moving parts [...]

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Trying to Better Understand Centennials


This is a very interesting video I came across from TED Talks.  Their mission statement is, "TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world."  They basically study culture and give 20 minute talks.  What they say is not gospel truth.  However, most of [...]

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Four Fun Fall Things To Do With Your Girls


Can I tell you guys a secret? Fall is my favorite time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I find deep joy in each and every season, but there’s just something magical about fall!! A crisp chill in the air. Football. Flannels. Bonfires. Chai Lattes. Hayrides. Thanksgiving. ALLTHEPUMPKINTHINGS. The fun thing is I don’t think [...]

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Bible Fellowship in October


As you can tell on your fall teaching schedules (CLICK HERE for reference), we will be taking time next month to pause regular bible study curriculum.  This is something that came out of multiple conversations with various adults and students.  We discussed how to better equip Christ following students to better understand an identity in Christ and [...]

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A Dynamic View of God: Helping Kids Connect with God at Every Phase


This is a very helpful article that provides good insight toward engaging young people with the Gospel.  Good for the students you teach and potentially for your own children. -Bo A Dynamic View of God: Helping Kids Connect with God at Every Phase Imagine going to a U2 concert with a group of toddlers. Or [...]

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Understanding the Value of Next Steps


As a staff member, I was completely on board with the vision of our church! However, as an adult leader who is seeking to make disciples of our students, I sometimes struggled to see how this played out practically. This morning I saw the beauty  of an R3 group play out before my eyes. I [...]

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Impress or Influence?


As I learn about other organizations, businesses, ministries, etc, I notice that there is a specific group of attributes that create healthy culture.  There is a common language.  There is a clear mission.  There is a sense of purpose and calling to where you are investing time a resources.  Unity within a team points to healthy culture. (RABBIT TRAIL: [...]

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Heights Students in R3 Groups


Hello team.  You have been hearing a lot about R3 groups and the benefit this could provide within our faith community.  We also briefly talked through R3's back in August when we broke out the Relationship Building Diagram.  As we move to implement these meetings this Sunday morning, per our last leader meeting on 1/17, [...]

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How Will You Serve at CHI ALPHA 2016?


Yesterday, I was talking with a parent that is new to The Heights Student Ministry.  She asked, "What is Chi Alpha?"  There is so much packed into that answer.  Immediately, my mind fills with images of excited teenagers, the Saturday night of 2014, students brought to the understanding that God is a "Good Good Father" [...]

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Advent: A Season for Eager Expectation


We love Christmas!  Maybe you have already purchased candles that give the fragrant aroma of pine trees or apple cider.  If you are like me, you have tweaked, made additions to, and are blasting a quality compilation of Christmas music. I love a good variety from Johnny Cash to Pentatonix.  This year Mallory and I are [...]

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