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CLICK HERE FOR WEEK 5 “GREATER THAN” YOUTUBE VIDEO WEEK 5 DISCUSSION GUIDE: 4.29.20 KEY VERSES: James 2:14-17 Discussion Questions Describe a recent time when you have seen God at work in your life. How do these verses in James impact the way you view your own faith as a believer? What areas in your [...]

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Honduras 2020 Trip 1 | Thursday


Thursday was our last full day and it did not disappoint. We began the day installing 2 pillars for families in the community which will allow them to be able to wash clothes and dishes. We also had the chance to participate in rice and beans ministry again. We were able to speak to and [...]

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Honduras 2020 Trip 1 | Wednesday


Wednesday was a very full ministry day interacting with kids in schools, parks and the local church. It was a blessing to see our students serve the people in Honduras so well. Here are 2 of their stories and a leader’s perspective: Today was a day that was filled with lots of joy and excitement. [...]

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Honduras 2020 Trip 1 | Tuesday


Tuesday kicked off our first 2 VBS’s that we have the chance to run. We went to Jose Reyes school in the morning and spent time with 570 kids between the ages of 7 and 15. In the afternoon we put on a second VBS for the children of Promise Home Orphanage and the surrounding [...]

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Honduras 2020 Trip 1 | Monday


The first full day started off extra early with cleaning and painting the church’s activity center. Following a lunch together, we split into 3 groups and some team members were able to take part in rice and beans ministry. This means they had the chance to visit houses in the villages, share the love of [...]

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Honduras 2020 Trip 1|Sunday


We have arrived in Honduras and our trip is off to a great start. Our first stop was the mall where we tried some unique food (some had a local meal, others had Wendy’s, and Lydia had a full fish). After the mall, some of our students were able to help serve dinner for the [...]

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Chi Alpha 2020 Serve Opportunities


Would you consider serving in the following ways during Chi Alpha? Saturday Morning Breakfast Sign Up Co-Host Sign Up Host Home Sign Up Friday Night Luggage Team Sign Up

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Three Trees 2019: Heights Wonderland


Cooler temperatures outside means Christmas is right around the corner! And if you’re like me, you’re already thinking of the traditions you’ll follow with family and friends. One of our favorite traditions at The Heights is Three Trees! It’s when our entire church has the opportunity to serve our community by making their Christmas extra special. [...]

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Serve Europe: Transformation


Howdy y'all! Both teams have wrapped up their ministry time in Spain and England and will be converging paths on Saturday afternoon to celebrate all that the Lord has done together in London! Before that, we are continuing to process all the Lord's goodness made evident throughout this week and what He's teaching us as [...]

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Serve Europe: Let Freedom Ring!


Hi there! Thursday has already come and gone and we would love to share with you all that the Lord is doing in our midst in England and Spain! Today was the last day in schools for the York and Middlesbrough teams. They had some really cool opportunities to meet more students and have deeper [...]

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