Spiritual Pathways


Spiritual Styles: The Nine Sacred Pathways Here is a list of the Nine Sacred Pathways which we often use to love and draw near to God. Adapted from Gary Thomas's book Sacred Pathways You can find a test to take that will help you assess which ones you line up with most here: https://groupleaders.org/spiritual-pathways-assessment 1. Naturalists: [...]

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Student Camp: What God’s Taught Us


And just like that camp 2019 has come to a close! We are tired but, more than that, we are grateful for all the Lord has done in the lives of the students, adult leaders, and staff. God moved in mighty and powerful ways and we are encouraged and spurred on as we head home [...]

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Serve Honduras: School Day Tuesday!


Hello to one and all, Today we spent our entire day at a school for 1st through 9th graders in El Progreso, the city we are staying in Honduras. We held a VBS for the children in the morning and afternoon with different stations to eat snacks, play football, hear the gospel through the story [...]

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Serve Honduras: Arrival Sunday!


Hello to one and all! We arrived in Honduras Sunday late-morning and hit the ground running so to speak. Thanks for your prayers so far as we already see God using our students and leaders to draw hearts closer to him! Here is a glimpse of what God has done and is doing from the [...]

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Culture Translator


One of Webster's main definitions of culture is, "the characteristic features of everyday existence (such as diversions or a way of life) shared by people in a place or time." Culture is such a fluid thing that sometimes I find myself feeling washed away in the currents of it without much firm ground to stand [...]

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Sunday Bible Fellowship: November and December


November and December November 4, 2018, Samuel Anointing David  (STRUCTURE 3) CLICK HERE for 11/4/18 lesson guide   November 11, 2018, The Rise and Fall of Solomon CLICK HERE for 11/11/18 lesson guide   November 18, 2018, The Divided Kingdom CLICK HERE for 11/18/18 lesson guide   November 25, 2018, The Destruction of Israel and [...]

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Sunday Bible Fellowship: October


October Lessons October 7, 2018, Moses and the Burning Bush  (STRUCTURE 3) CLICK HERE for 10/7/18 lesson guide   October 14, 2018, Joshua and the Promised Land CLICK HERE for 10/14/18 lesson guide   October 21, 2018, The Period of the Judges CLICK HERE for 10/21/18 lesson guide   October 28, 2018, Solomon and the [...]

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Sunday Bible Fellowship: September


September Lessons September 2, 2018, Introduction | Seeing the Gospel in All of Scripture (STRUCTURE 3) CLICK HERE for 9/2/18 lesson guide   September 9, 2018, Creation and Creation of Man CLICK HERE for 9/9/18 lesson guide   September 16, 2018, Sin and the Fall CLICK HERE for 9/16/18 lesson guide   September 23, 2018, (No Bible [...]

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Camp Devos


Each day of camp students will spend time in the morning working through a devo that will get their mind thinking on the focus of the day. We'd love for you to follow along with these devos so check out the below link to access them! Click here for Student Camp daily devotionals!

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2019 Camp Leader Prep Center


Session 1 Lesson Session 1 Leader Prep Video Session 2 Lesson Session 2 Leader Prep Video Session 3 Lesson Session 3 Leader Prep Video Session 4 Lesson Session 4 Leader Prep Video Student Camp Schedule 2019 Adult Medical Release Form CCCC [...]

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