Richardson has really grown on me over the last five years. I think one of the most intriguing and enjoyable aspects of living in the area near The Heights is the vast diversity. I have personally encountered people from Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, China and Japan. The number of religions represented is incredible. At one point in time, Christians had to go TO these countries to share the Gospel. Now, we simply walk next door.

Oddly enough, none of these are the most prevalent religion in our area. The knee jerk reaction might be to say Christianity still dominates the melting pot of American culture. I think there is a third and truer option…Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. You have more than likely heard the Heights Student Ministry staff talk about this ad nauseam. There is truly a litany of reasons as to why we just can’t stop talking about MTD. Reverend Albert Mohler, Jr. said this:

“Obviously, Moralistic Therapeutic Deism is not an organized faith. This belief system has no denominational headquarters and no mailing address. Nevertheless, it has millions and millions of devotees across the United States and other advanced cultures, where subtle cultural shifts have produced a context in which belief in such an undemanding deity makes sense. Furthermore, this deity does not challenge the most basic self-centered assumptions of our postmodern age. Particularly when it comes to so-called “lifestyle” issues, this God is exceedingly tolerant and this religion is radically undemanding.”

There are multiple motivations for our continued conversation regarding Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. First, our desire to champion the Gospel above all things will always be paramount. Second, we long to challenge our leadership to grow in their personal understanding and experience of the true Gospel. Third, we hope that the Spirit of God gives all of us vision to see where MTD has crept into our thinking, beliefs, language and behaviors.

The Acts29 Network has an excellent post to help make us more aware as we seek to affect the understanding of our students and families of what God is like and what his Gospel entails.  Take the next 10 minutes to read, CLICK HERE

Let’s continue to combat the ‘dominant’ religion of our culture by daily committing our selves to the one true Gospel found in the Holy Scriptures.

Father, grant us the power of your Holy Spirit to not grow tired and weary. May we see our selves and others rightly…through the lens of the Gospel. We repent of reducing your glorious Gospel to a feel-good-fix. Let us set our gaze steadily on the beauty of Christ who rescued us from our sin.

Cory Butler
Student Minister & Missionary