Wednesday was a very full ministry day interacting with kids in schools, parks and the local church. It was a blessing to see our students serve the people in Honduras so well. Here are 2 of their stories and a leader’s perspective:
Today was a day that was filled with lots of joy and excitement. We were going to the church to get a group of kids to play with but when we got there there already was around 50 kids standing at the church waiting and hoping for us to come and play with them. When the bus stopped in front of the church the kids eyes lit up because they knew we were there to play with them. They ran to the bus and surrounded the door. When I was walking down the stairs to get off the bus I was immediately surrounded by a group of kids that had the biggest smiles on there faces and they all gave me big hugs even though I only knew a few of them from talking to them in previous days. I got to play and have fun with all the kids for multiple hours and was so grateful that God gave me the opportunity to play with all of them and still be able to create a friendship even through the language barrier.
Brenna Fudge | Freshman at McMillen High School
In the afternoon we went over to the church by Promise Home. Some of the kids were playing soccer and I decided to join them. For one, I have never played soccer, but they still enjoyed me playing with them. It was awesome, even after I kicked the ball on the roof. After soccer I did jump rope with some of the kids and that was even more fun. Today was absolutely incredible, and it was great to see some kids faces glow with happiness.
AJ Russ | Freshman at McMillen High School
There are few things that will encourage and strengthen your faith more than doing ministry alongside the youth in our church. There is an energy and fearlessness that students exude that will make your heart sing! In addition, they are so adaptable to changes in the schedule, which is a huge asset in a place like Honduras.
We started this morning at a local school, putting on another VBS program. We had expected to finish the day painting and cleaning at the church, but we had finished most of that work on Monday, so we decided to head to a local park and try something new. We canvassed the neighborhood and invited kids to come out and enjoy games, have some snacks, and listen to our students share their stories of how Jesus changed their lives. There were only a half dozen kids that showed up to our unplanned party, but our team poured into them with all of their energy, and when it was time to go, we were all exhausted!
And then we returned to the church, where about 60 cheering kids greeted us, ready to play… so we did! It was our third ministry session of the day, but our students rose to the challenge, jumping off the bus with smiles and hugs for every last child! Another pair of students shared their testimonies with the crowd, and then we played soccer and frisbee in the afternoon rain.
I am so proud to be a part of this ministry team because they are living out Jesus’ declaration that the Kingdom of God is at hand. They have taken every opportunity to make this little patch of Earth look a little more like Heaven through their physical labor and the relationships they are developing, and they are inviting the Holy Spirit to move in the midst of it all. And that’s the key to success in ministry. It’s been a real privilege to get to know these students and watch them live out their faith in the middle of uncertain conditions. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventure, whatever it might turn out to be!
Neil Mullen | In Lydia’s words: “The old guy”
Thank you for joining us during this trip in prayer. Please continue praying for our students and leaders as we finish our last morning of ministry Thursday morning and then spend the last afternoon as a team, celebrating what God has done this week, at Tela.
“For this I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations, and sing praises to your name.” 2 Samuel 22:50