T-minus FIFTEEN days until one of the most fun-filled nights of 2016. What makes this  night so special?? Heights Students HOOPDEEDOO, of course!


So glad you asked! It is a night full of fun, food, and friends. On the night of Friday, November 11th a bunch of 7th-12th graders meet up at The Heights, load buses, travel to various exhilarating establishments in the area, have lots of fun, and finish out the night participating in some healthy competition.

This year 7th & 8th graders will jump into the evening at Altitude Trampoline Park. Meanwhile, 9th-12th graders will hit the ropes at Group Dynamix. We will all meet back up at Pinstack in Frisco to bowl, play laser tag, eat pizza, play arcade games, rock climb, etc. from 1am-4am. The final stop of the night will bring us back to the church to feast on pancakes and hit the courts for our annual dodgeball tournament. Spoiler alert!! This year’s winner will take home a cash prize! Students will head home, with sleepy eyes and full hearts, at 7am. All of this for only $70!!

Check out this video to get a glimpse of the joyful experience that is HoopDeeDoo.

Needless to say HoopDeeDoo is just plain fun! Plus it serves as an incredible open door for students to bring friends from school to enjoy community together. Don’t hesitate–go ahead and sign your student up by clicking here!! And don’t let money be a reason why your student misses out on HoopDeeDoo. Contact ckwesha@theheights.org if you have any questions.