The Why:  For students in grades 9-12, Huddles are student led home groups that meet at various locations and times.  The reasons for this shift in programming are that we believe more teenagers will be reached with the Gospel in the north Dallas area and this gives us the best opportunity for multiplication.  We believe that teenagers have an incredibly large capacity to influence and disciple their peers.  Huddles are designed to empower students to be disciple-makers NOW rather than “waiting” until they are older, have a job and 3.5 kids.  The opportunity is NOW.  There are students throughout the entire metroplex that need someone to communicate the Gospel.

The Structure: The first 10-15 minutes of your designated Huddle times are great for having informal conversations together.  Mingle.  Say hello to someone you don’t quite know.  Talk about the upcoming Physics exam if you feel the urge.  The important thing is that everyone is continuing to invest into their Huddle.  To formally begin the Huddle, Student Leaders will have everyone sit together to discuss highs/lows of the week and cast the vision of why we gather.  Immediately following will be video interaction produced by the Heights Students Staff.  These videos will consist of a series of set-ups and content.  Student Leaders will then lead their Huddle’s discussion coming out of the videos.

Expectations: Student Leaders are expected to adhere to the Student Leadership Expectations document available to download on  Student Leaders are also encouraged to own their Huddle.  This includes sharing the responsibilities of leading discussion, preparing upcoming lessons, attending Student Leadership meetings, contacting their Huddle throughout the week, and any other responsibility needed.  Our desire is for our team to be humble and serve well.

Huddles provides the opportunity for High School students to experience and grow within a Gospel-centered community.  It is always more fun when people get to share life with one another.  Huddles are inviting environments where we explore who God is and what He has created us to be. Make a difference HERE AND NOW!


-Heights Students Staff