Huddles: January 15, 2020

Session 1- Colossians 1:1-14

Basic Instructions

Below is the plan for you to follow as you lead out this study. Make sure to watch the video on the RightNow Media website beforehand in order to understand what you will be teaching over. Our prayer for you is that the Lord will bring this Scripture to life in your own life and that your leading will be an overflow from that! Let us know if you have any questions.

The Main Idea

In light of Jesus’s grace, faithfulness, and the outpour of His love through the Spirit, we should allow the Spirit to mature us in faithfulness back to Christ. Students should know the truth of the gospel and how it directly relates to us. That should then cause students to feel adoration for Jesus because of all He’s done for us. Therefore, we pursue Christian maturity through transformed actions, attitudes, and mindsets.

The Lead-In

Share about a time when you were less mature than you are now- maybe a story from your childhood. What did you do or say that showed your immaturity?

Then, tell students as we grow in Christ, our habits, attitudes, and words change. We become more and more like Jesus the longer we follow Him. As we’re going to discover in a study of Colossians, a mature faith begins with full submission to the supremacy of Jesus.

Explain to students that we will be walking through the book of Colossians this semester. Explain to them that for this study we will begin each week watching the video provided and then that we will be discussing more afterward. Tell them that in this session Louie Giglio will walk us through the first section of chapter one to show how the simple gospel is the starting point to Christian maturity.

Now, before watching the video read Colossians 1:1-14 out loud. Pray for God to speak to each heart in the room, and that through your study of Colossians He would use His word to shape us to look more like Christ and grow in spiritual maturity.

-Watch Video- (13 minutes) 

Right Now Media- The Book of Colossians with Louie Giglio Session 1 

Digging In 

Begin by asking students, based on what Louie stated in the video

  •  Who wrote the book of Colossians and who was he writing to?
    • Answer: Paul, and he was writing to the church of Colossae
  • Where did Paul write this book? Why is that significant for us today?
    • Answer: a prison; no matter the circumstances we are in God is still at work in and through me
  • What is the central message of the book of Colossians?
    • Answer: It talks about the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ. It leads us to understand that He is all we need in this life and all we are going to need to move to confidence in the life to come.
  • What does it mean to live a life worthy of God?

Louie began the discussion on Colossians with two reminders. He first reminded us that the Bible is God’s breathed-out words to us. God’s teaching us about Himself through Scripture.

ASK the group these questions:

  • Would you say it’s easy to forget that the Bible is God’s word to us?
    • Answers will vary
  • What might the effects be when the bible has become more of a simple book and less of God’s actual word?
    • Answers will vary
  • How has God’s Word proven to be living and active in your life? What, specifically, has changed in you because of how you’ve interacted with the Bible through reading it, listening to sermons, etc.?
    • Answers will vary

Another point Louie talked about was the context of Colossians. Paul wrote Colossians from prison alongside Timothy. He penned the letter to correct some wrong theology circulating in the church in Colossae by emphasizing the supremacy of Jesus.

  • What do you think when you hear “the supremacy of Jesus”? How would you define supremacy
    • Answers will vary.
  • How would you describe a life fully submitted to the supremacy of Jesus? What would it look like? What is appealing to you most about that kind of life? What is unappealing to you about it?
    • Answers will vary

READ Colossians 1:1-2 aloud again

  • What details that Louie gave about Paul, Timothy, and Colossae help you understand the letter better? How?
    • Answers will vary

READ or have someone else read Colossians 1:3-8

  • According to these verses, how did those in Colossae hear the gospel? Who shared it with them?
    • Heard about it through Epaphras

What is interesting about Colossians is Paul didn’t plant this church- Epaphras did. Paul writes to a church he’s never met before, but still experiences deep care for the.

  • What kind of things does Paul point out about the church in these verses?
    • Answer: Their faith, love, hope, and how they’re bearing fruit and how they understood God’s grace.
  • How do you tend to express your love for God’s people? What does it practically look like to be full of love, faith, OR hope?
    • Answers will vary
  • If you had to pick faith, love, or hope to work on, which one would you pick? What might it look like to improve in this area?
    • Answers will vary

Paul recognizes the Colossians’ true understanding of the gospel when they first believed. They bore the spiritual fruit of love and faith. Paul continues his encouragement in the next section of verses.

READ Colossians 1:9-14

Paul motions for the second time that he and Timothy pray for the church in Colossae. He specifically says they never stop praying for them.

  • Have you ever seen someone model this kind of prayer life? If so, who and what did it look like?
    • Answers will vary

Christians who are more mature than us can give us an example of what it looks like to follow Jesus. In their prayers for the Colossians to grow in Christ, Paul and Timothy offer an example of Christian maturity. They pray that the Colossians would live a life worthy of God.

  • How does Paul describe a worthy life in these verses?
    • A worthy life is one that bears fruit, grows in the knowledge of God, is strengthened by God, endures, is patient, and gives thanks.

If we look back at verse 9, living, worthily begins with God filling us with his knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. To Paul, following God begins in the mind and heart, and then expresses itself through action.

  • What are some things you know are true of God? How do you know they are true? How have those truths changed the way you act? 
    • Answers will vary

What we think about God is the most important thing about us. What we think about God and what we do are intrinsically connected. Following Jesus isn’t just head knowledge, it’s acting in obedience too. Paul sums up this section in verse 12-14. The reason we’re even able to know God and follow Him is because of Jesus. He has brought us into a new kingdom- the kingdom light.

Louie put it this way, “It’s not what you do that brings you to life spiritually. It’s what God does for you that makes you a follower of Jesus and brings you to life spiritually.”

  • What difference does it make in your relationship with God when you operate as if you have to “do something” in order to gain spiritual life?
    • Answers will vary
  • What kind of things do we sometimes add to the gospel message?
    • Answers will vary. We sometimes believe we have to do certain things like read your Bible, pray, tithe, fast, and serve in the local church in order to be a Christian.

Louie reminded us that salvation doesn’t come by our own efforts or by insider information- what he called the “secret society.” The Colossians had added to the gospel message in several ways. We’ll investigate those additions throughout our study and see how we also may have fallen into some of the same traps.

Wrapping Up

  • How do you think an incorrect view of the gospel- and of God Himself- could impact someone’s actions? What would their life look like?
    • Answers will vary
  • Have you ever seen that happen in your life? What were you “adding” to the gospel? How did you come to realize what you were doing?
    • Answers will vary
  • Going back to verses 13-14, what does it mean to you that you’ve been rescued from the kingdom of darkness? How does that truth relate to living a life that is worthy of God?
    • Answers will vary

As motioned before, living a life worthy of God is only possible through Jesus. He made a way for us to be reunited with God and give us the Holy Spirit so we can grow in Christian maturity. That’s not to say we have to strive to be perfect in our own power. Rather, Holy Spirit fills us and gives us all we need to pursue maturity in Christ.

  • Since you first heard and understood the gospel message how has it helped you mature as a believer?
  • Answers will vary
  • What’s one thing you could do this week to remind yourself of the gospel story?
  • Answers will vary. Encourage students to be practical, and give a tangible action to do in order to remind themselves   of the gospel daily.

To be a mature follower of Christ is to know God and His gospel so fully that it permeates every inch of our lives. It’s a life full of the Spirit and characterized by love, hope, and faith. Living this way begins with the simple truth that God has delivered us from sin and death by the work of His Son. We are now under His rule, free to follow Him wherever He leads. As Louie mentioned in his teaching, the Colossians had fallen away from the true gospel, adding to it and making Christianity like an exclusive club. They had forgotten the simple truth we read in verses 13 and 14 of chapter one. As we go about this week, let’s remind ourselves of the truth of the gospel. Let’s pray God would reveal to us the ways we’ve added to the gospel message as we study Colossians

We also talked about what it means to live a life worthy of God in this session. A worthy life looks like a transformed heart, which overflows into how we treat other people, what we say, and our attitude towards the things God asks us to do. It begins with God giving us the knowledge of Himself through the Spirit. This week, let’s ask God to help us know Him better and reflect on what we know about Him through your actions.

FINALLY, encourage students that when they pray this week to thank God for delivering them from sin and death. Tell them to pray for His Spirit to show you what it means to live a life that reflects the salvation you’ve received as you study Colossians.

In order to access the full study, click on the leader guide on the RightNow Media website.