Huddles: January 22, 2020

Session 2- Colossians 2:6-15

Basic Instructions

Below is the plan for you to follow as you lead out this study. At the end of this post we have attached the full curriculum that includes some very helpful Bible background and commentary to help you as you prepare to lead. Our prayer for you is that the Lord will bring this Scripture to life in your own life and that your leading will be an overflow from that! Let us know if you have any questions.

The Main Point

For this session we are going to jump ahead a couple sessions. We will be looking at Session 4 from the RightNow Media curriculum. We are going to cover Colossians 2:6-15. The Main Idea is that since Jesus brought us from death to life and triumphed over every authority, we can now live rooted in Christ, unswayed by a false gospel, and abundant in faith.

Our hope is that students would know that we’ve been brought from death to life by the power of Jesus and we can now live in a way that reflects His authority. That knowledge would then lead students to feel confident in the truth of the gospel so that we can stand firm in Christ without being persuaded by a false gospel. We pray that this would cause students to live a life that reflects the new life we’ve been given in Christ with a strong foundation in Him so that we can stand firm in our faith.

The Lead In

Start by describing one of your favorite commercials. Tell what company it is for and then give an overall summary of the commercial. What is it that makes the commercial compelling?

Then ask for one more example of someone’s favorite commercial.

Ask students Would you say you’re persuaded by every advertisement you see? What would be different about your life if you were convinced by all of them?

Explain that it is sometimes easy to be persuaded to do something or to change something about our lives. Advertisers bank of that happening. In this portion of Colossians, Paul cautions the Colossian church to not be led astray by false teaching. Instead, they should find their foundation in Jesus and His gospel.

READ Colossians 2:6-15

Show Session 4: Colossians 2:6-15 (14 minutes)

Digging In

Louie walked through the text using four phrases: follow up, foundation, fullness, and finished work. Each coordinates with certain verses. follow up is first with verses 6 and 7.

Reread Colossians 2:6-7

  • If we have received Christ by grace through faith, what does that say about what it means to live in Him?
    • It means we should continue to follow Him by grace through faith

Paul urges the Colossians to “live your lives” in Jesus. He uses that phrase often in his books to mean that Christians should continue to walk in their faith. Louie described it as follow up. We continue to keep in step with Jesus after choosing to follow Him, all by His grace through faith.

  • What does it look like to live your life in- or to follow- Jesus? What is different about your actions, thoughts, or attitudes?
    • Answers will vary

Louie talked about how consistent growth as a Christian is more about what is unseen than what is seen. Verse 7 talks about being rooted and built up in Him. The hidden things we do are what mature us as His followers.

  • What sorts of hidden, beneath-the-surface things have helped you grow in your faith?
    • Answers will vary and should be unique to the individual. Some answers may include personal Bible study, prayers, giving in secret, singing worship songs in the car, fasting, etc.

In verse 7, Paul tells the Colossians to be strengthened in their faith. He mentions giving thanks as a characteristic of strong faith.

  • What sorts of spiritual disciplines strengthen your faith? In what ways has thanksgiving bolstered your walk with Jesus?
    • Answers will vary

Tell students that being thankful to God reminds us of what He’s done for us and who He is. Reflecting on these things, especially in community, can encourage each of us in our faith.

Now go around and have each person give one thing they’re thankful for this week.

Louie’s next word ties into this idea of developing deep roots in Jesus and His gospel- it’s the word “foundation.”

Read verse 8

The Colossians were being lead astray by what Paul calls a “hollow and deceptive philosophy.” Louie talked about the false belief-it said there was a secret insider way to get more access to God. Paul wrote to remind the Colossians of their foundation found only in Jesus and His gospel, not in any secret society.

  • What are some examples of “hollow and deceptive” beliefs in our world?
    • Answers will vary. Some examples include the prosperity gospel, the idea that success will fulfill us, etc.

Louie encouraged us to filter everything we hear and read outside of Scripture through Jesus. We should ask: Does this idea have its foundation in Jesus and His Word? It is important to discern the validity of ideas, books, and speakers through the lens of the Bible and Christ.

  • What do we lose if we remove Jesus and the Bible from any “Christian” message?
    • Answers will vary
  • What are some ways you go about making sure something you hear or read is grounded in the truth of Scripture?
    • Reading the Bible, praying, seeking wise counsel, etc.

When we encounter ideas that are contrary to Jesus and His gospel, we can turn to truth and stand firm instead of going astray. The next two sections of Scripture explain why this is possible. The first section ties to Louie’s third word, fullness.

Read, or have someone else read, verses 9-12

We’ve already talked about Jesus’ divinity back in chapter 1 in Colossians.

  • Why is it critical that Jesus is fully God?
    • If Jesus isn’t fully God, He doesn’t have the power to save us. He had to be both fully God and fully human in order to redeem us through His sacrifice

Through Jesus- fully God and fully man- we find salvation from sin and death.

  • According to verse 10, what do we receive in Christ?
    • We have been filled by Him

As Louie discussed, we are fully complete in Jesus- we lack nothing. The salvation He brings to us doesn’t need anything else. In Him, we experience the full and complete salvation of God.

  • Why do you think we’re sometimes tempted to think or act as though our salvation isn’t enough?
    • Answers will vary

These verses show how God is the one who secured our salvation through His actions alone. We can’t off to it. Paul uses circumcision to explain his point. CIrcumcision was an external sign of the covenant Israel had with God. But the circumcision Paul talks about in verse 11 is not a physical act but a spiritual one. Our flesh, which used to rule us, has to be taken off by Jesus.

  • How would you describe life in the flesh? What was your life like before Jesus?
    • Answers will vary
  • If our sinful flesh has been completely removed, what does that mean for us now? Does it mean we don’t sin? Why not?
    • Jesus has taken away the consequence of sin, given us new life, and given us a new identity in Him. We will still sin this side of eternity, but we now operate out of Jesus’s power and under His rule, not the rule of the flesh, sin, and death.

When we decide to follow Jesus, our old selves die with Him and we’re raised to new life. Paul is clear that it’s the power of God that both raised Jesus from the dead and brought us to life again.

  • How would you describe the new life you have in Christ?
    • Answers will vary

This idea of new life, found in verses 12 and 13, brings us to Louie’s last word: finished work.

Read verse 13-15

Not only does Jesus bring us new life, but He also brings the forgiveness of sins. Without Jesus, Paul says we are indebted to God because of our sin. We were guilty.

  • According to verse 14, how did God cancel our debt?
    • He did it by nailing it to the cross
  • What does that mean for us?
    • Through Jesus’s death, we have been given new life, we are no longer ruled by the flesh, and we’re free from guilt before God. Our salvation is a finished work- Jesus did everything necessary to save us.
  • What difference does it make to the way you approach your relationship with God knowing that you can’t add to or take away from your salvation?
    • Answers will vary
  • If our salvation is finished work, why do you think we still feel the tension between sin and Christlikeness?
    • We still feel the tension because we live in a fallen world. Jesus has not yet returned to restore all things. In the meantime, we faithfully follow Him.

Verse 15 tells us that in addition to all these things, Jesus has disarmed the spiritual authorities that once ruled. When Paul says Jesus made a “public spectacle of them,” he’s alluding to a Roman practice. When Romans captured an enemy, they’d parade them around, making them look foolish. What’s ironic is Jesus has defeated the spiritual forces behind the authorities holding Paul captive in prison. Paul has a clear view of who has the ultimate victory—the risen and reigning Jesus.

  • How could Paul’s perspective shape the way you view your present circumstances? What could be different about us and the way we perceive the situations we’re in if we remembered Jesus’s victory on the cross?
    • Answers will vary
  • What’s one thing you could do this week to deepen your foundation in Jesus and His gospel?
    • Some examples include: spend time with Him, read about His life, pray, discuss the gospel story with a friend, etc.

Salvation is an incredible gift. We’ve received Christ and in Him, we can continue to follow Him every day of our lives. He is our firm foundation. When we root ourselves in Him and His gospel message, we are able to discern when people and spiritual authorities try to deceive us. Jesus has overthrown these powers—He triumphed over them through the cross. We’ve received the fullness of salvation through His finished work. We are alive in Him. Nothing can undo the work Jesus has done to save us. We live on the other side of the cross and empty grave. With the reality of our salvation and Christ as our foundation, we can walk forward in obedience. This week, let’s ask God to deepen our roots in Him. As we close, let’s thank Him for what He’s done for us.

In order to access the full study click on the leader guide on RightNow Media website and view session 4