As I learn about other organizations, businesses, ministries, etc, I notice that there is a specific group of attributes that create healthy culture.  There is a common language.  There is a clear mission.  There is a sense of purpose and calling to where you are investing time a resources.  Unity within a team points to healthy culture.

(RABBIT TRAIL: someone recently corrected my definition of unity. Unity isn’t that we have to agree on every detail.  Unity is expressed when a team can walk away from the table in mutual submission to the mission despite agreements or disagreements.)

Healthy organizations/ministries use their platforms to influence.  In the context of The Heights Student Ministry, we want a healthy culture that uses resources and platforms to influence students with the Gospel.  Influence takes time, effort and investment.  This kind of culture doesn’t develop overnight.  It requires leaders that are open, available and submissive to the mission at hand.

READ THIS BLOG from 3D Movements that speaks further on our opportunity to influence.



Bo Behenna
Student Minister