Invest in Your Students at Chi Alpha 2017.

Join the Host Team

At Chi Alpha, we mobilize 3 teams to better serve teenagers during the weekend experience.  They are the Host, Point, and Logistics teams.  The Point Team will give direction from the administrative side of the Chi Alpha experience.  They will manage details in various ways.  The Logistics Team will facilitate much of the moving parts for the weekend.  This includes parking, recreation, food, facility, aesthetics, etc.  The Host Team will help create environments of discipleship for our students.

Ideally, the Host Team is where we want our Bible Fellowship leaders serving.  You know our kids.  It would be natural for you to engage them in conversation in between small and large group sessions.  You are strategically placed to counsel a student when the time comes.  Below are a couple opportunities to sign-up for Chi Alpha 2018!

Host Home

  • Be a part of the weekend
  • House 8-14 students for the weekend (2.17-2.19)
  • Provide breakfast (2.18)
  • Potentially transport students

Co Host

  • Be a part of the weekend
  • Help transport students (2.17-2.19)
  • Be a support to Host Home and Small Group Leader
  • Invest into small group leader if opportunity allows
  • Be available to provide counsel for student(s)


Chi Alpha cannot function the way we desire without your involvement.

Bo Behenna
Student Minister