Whether we want to admit it or not, we are living in a sex-saturated world. Everywhere we turn, there are advertisements or TV shows or jokes that have sexual undertones (or overtones). We have all become somewhat desensitized to these things. How do we even begin to navigate our sex-saturated society, especially as parents of teenagers!?

A non-profit ministry called AIM for Success┬áhas an incredible program that seeks to equip both parents and 5th-12th graders in how to begin navigating these waters. They approach this topic from the primary lens of technology and the hosts of opportunities that it brings for us–both positive and negative.┬áThis practical program looks at the rewards and the risks of technology- including sexting and pornography. A focus on healthy relationships- both in person and online- gives students freedom to reach their dreams and goals.

We are so excited to host an evening for both you as parents and your 5th-12th graders to come and be equipped with more tools for your toolbox when it comes to navigating our sex-saturated culture in a way that honors the Lord. On Sunday, October 14th, AIM for Success will be running three simultaneous trainings at The Heights from 5:00-6:30pm for 5th-6th graders, 7th-12th graders, and for parents.

For more information and to register for childcare, click here! We hope you will be able to join us!