Visit and watch

Password: thsmleader

What stood out to you during the video?

Were you able to relate to any of the testimonies?

What is still confusing when you think about prayer?  Why is it difficult for you?


Over the next few weeks, we are asking you to come alongside us as we teach on Prayer.  The goal is to help you get your feet wet.  Here’s what we want you to do.

  • When we come out of the video, we are going to ask if anyone initially could relate to any of the student testimonies.  We want you to ask your Huddle this.  Ask: As you were listening, was there anything that resonated with you?  Is there anything that you struggle with when it comes to prayer?  It’s important, at some point during discussion, to voice your answers from above.
  • Scroll down to page 33.  Be prepared to lead the activity called, “Mission Workshop” (pg 33-36).  You can find the handouts at the very bottom on page 37.  We will make sure to print copies to have at your Huddle.
  • WE WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST.  Again, the goal is to get your feet wet.  Watch the video.  Look over the above bullet points.  Pray for our time together.  It is that simple.

Download Leader Guide HERE