Bless the Class of 2020


We are asking our Adult Life Groups to bless the Class of 2020. As you can imagine they are missing out on a lot of milestone events, and we believe we can bless them during this strange and confusing time!


Your class will receive a Seniors ‘profile.’ In that profile will be a picture, some information about their future plans, and some of their favorite treats!

Ok…what do we do?

Great question! We are going to call the week of May 17th (when Senior recognition would have been) our #classof2020week. So, during this week you are welcome to bless your Senior however and as often as you want. Here are a few ideas!

  • Gather your Life Group and do a celebratory graduation parade! Decorate your vehicle, grab some streamers, and drive by your students house to congratulate them on their big achievement!

  • Write them notes (have your kids draw them pictures)

  • Buy them a few of their favorite goodies and drop them off

  • Feel free to get creative!

Alright, you convinced me…how do I get involved?

Submit the form below and someone from the Student Ministry will be in contact to connect you with your senior!