Yesterday, I was talking with a parent that is new to The Heights Student Ministry.  She asked, “What is Chi Alpha?”  There is so much packed into that answer.  Immediately, my mind fills with images of excited teenagers, the Saturday night of 2014, students brought to the understanding that God is a “Good Good Father” and they are loved by Him.  I think of Kaitlyn Deggs competing at rec in 2013 being brought to tears by an overly aggressive 8th grade boy.  I asked if she was ok.  Her response, as she stood up quickly and lined back up, “I”M FINE. Let’s do this!”  She dominated the next round, by the way, and I learned a lot about the culture at Heights Students.  I also think about many growing deeper in their identity through the Gospel.  I love it here.  So, my response to that parent’s question?

“Chi Alpha is one of the biggest events of the year, but also one of the most intentional.  The weekend is full of excitement and building friendships all while being centered on the Gospel.  The heartbeat of Chi Alpha is to show students what God is like!”

If you have attended Chi Alpha weekend, you know how the Lord uses it for His good.  As adult leaders at Heights Students, we desire for you to be part of the experience.  It is important to us!  Why…because you are disciple makers.  You are the ones investing into these students throughout the year.  We want you to be there to know how to engage your kids beyond the weekend.

So, how can you help?


Host Team

This year we are organizing 3 teams to help make Chi Alpha more efficient.  They are the Host, Point, and Logistics teams.  The Point Team will give direction from the administrative side of the Chi Alpha experience.  They will manage details in various ways.  The Logistics Team will facilitate much of the moving parts for the weekend.  This includes parking, recreation, food, facility aesthetics, etc.  The Host Team will help create environments of discipleship for our students.  

Ideally, the Host Team is where we want our Bible Fellowship leaders serving.  You know our kids.  It would be natural for you to engage them in conversation in between small and large group sessions.  You are strategically placed to council a student when the time comes.  Below are a couple opportunities to sign-up for Chi Alpha 2016!


UPDATED (1/27/16)

Host Home

  • Be a part of the weekend
  • House 8-14 students for the weekend (2.19-2.21)
  • Provide breakfast (2.20)
  • Be available to provide council for student(s)
  • Potentially transport students

Co Host

  • Be a part of the weekend
  • Help transport students (2.19-2.21)
  • Be a support to Host Home and Small Group Leader
  • Invest into small group leader
  • Be available to provide council for student(s)


Chi Alpha Transportation Schedule 2016 – Download 

Schedule & NEW 2016 Adult Medical Waivers can also be found at

Chi Alpha cannot function the way we desire without your involvement.

Bo Behenna
Student Minister