Hi there! Thursday has already come and gone and we would love to share with you all that the Lord is doing in our midst in England and Spain!

Today was the last day in schools for the York and Middlesbrough teams. They had some really cool opportunities to meet more students and have deeper conversations with ones they’ve met this week.

The Spain team had their last day of ministry in Salt and got to give away 10 Jesus Storybook Bibles in Spanish to kids that have continued to come all week. Today they got to hear more about Jesus and were very excited to connect with the local missionaries who are planning to continue coming to the park in Salt to keep building on the ministry that has begun this week. The team got to go serve in Girona in the evening (and will get to do so again tomorrow night). This was a rich time of getting to continue in conversations with the people that have been coming each day.

The Lord is at hand in both England and Spain and we are in awe! Read below to hear about today from some students’ perspectives.

Before I left for England, I was praying these, “big expectant prayers.” Honestly, I was doubting God’s power to move and that’s why I started praying these prayers. I’ve been praying for radical movement among the people here. I’ve been praying that God makes me uncomfortable and that He will call me into something greater. I’ve been praying that He’ll use me. As we were flying over England and have toured some of the cities, I have been praying. We showed up to the secondary schools and the kids did NOT care to talk about God. We showed up to the sports camp and I kid you not these kids were the most insane kids I’ve met (still love them though). Kids were crying, eating grass, running around. Three days in, I was so discouraged. I was tired and felt like I was pouring out without seeing any fruit. But today I had a little girl accept Christ and I got to pray with her. It was one of the coolest things that’s happened to me and such an answered prayer. This is just a picture of how God is moving over here and how’s He’s letting us be a part of it. Praise God!

-Lydia Britten, a rising senior

Today was the fifth day in Spain! We spent our last day in Salt. While we were there we drew with chalk, did henna and glitter tattoos, and shared the gospel. There have been so many good conversations between everyone who came to the courtyard and to hang out with us. Afterwards, we gave out Jesus Storybook Bibles to the kids to take home! We are praying for them as they take these back to their homes. After we came home from Salt, we ate some lunch and gelato and then went to the park in Girona. We had another great time there getting to play with the kids and build relationships with their moms. We had a great day today and I can’t wait for tomorrow. Please pray for energy for both the England Team and the Spain Team as we finish off the week. Also, please pray for the Parnell’s, Raquel, and her family to continue spreading the gospel and building the church even after we leave.

-Alexa Bitar, a rising junior

Today was the final day of our organized ministry in York. I got to experience a drama class and meet a group of drama students. Afterward, the crew served by hosting track and field events. Being in the schools has been one of the most draining, yet most rewarding experiences of my spiritual walk. After school, we went to the church. Sam and I got to share a evangelical talk with a young lad and he began to understand the gospel. Seeing the gospel begin to work in a kid’s life is a beautiful sight.  To end the evening of ministry, a small group of Americans got to lead worship altogether. Seeing how loud and joyful the small group in the church could be was earth-shattering. The Lord is moving here. The group that’s been called to serve here has been amazing at planting seeds all over the place. God is leaving prints all over our places of ministry. As we continue into the next few days and as our trip runs down, I will be praying, and I ask that you would also pray, for continued opportunities to spread the word and that we would be quick to speak Jesus’s name to people we meet. Thank you for prayers and support as we’ve gone throughout our week!

-Jack Mullen, a rising senior

Hallelujah for salvation and for SO. MANY. SEEDS. that have been planted!!! We are so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be used as vessels for the sake of the gospel in these places and for the people that we’ve met. The Spain team has one more evening of park ministry in Girona tonight, so please join us in prayer for this time!