Howdy y’all! Both teams have wrapped up their ministry time in Spain and England and will be converging paths on Saturday afternoon to celebrate all that the Lord has done together in London! Before that, we are continuing to process all the Lord’s goodness made evident throughout this week and what He’s teaching us as a result.

Read below to read the testimonies of some students as they continue processing all they have experienced this week.

The prayer I adopted as my “anthem” for the week was Ezekiel 37:4, “Oh dry bones, hear the word of God.” Through the goodness of the Lord, I got to see the fruits of this prayer on our last day at the schools. The highlight of Thursday and quite possibly my whole trip, was a conversation I got to have with a Year 8 (our 7th grade) girl in my RE class. Upon walking my table group of about 7 students through our planned lesson, I shared a little of my story and how I came to know Christ. The girl sitting next to me began asking me questions about my story and about the Christianity.While discussing with her, I found out she’s from a Muslim family. I asked her some questions on her faith and her participation in the Islamic Faith. She proceeded to lead the conversation by asking more questions about Christianity and core beliefs of it. We talked for the majority of the class one-on-one. At one point in our conversation we began talking about the Bible and it’s truth/role in the Christin faith. I offered my New Testament Bible to her and she gladly accepted. I showed her the Gospels and some keyverses in John. To my excitement, she said she would start reading it that night.

Leaving the class on that note, after praying Ezekiel 37:4 over and over, I felt the joy that comes from the Spirit as well as the goodness and faithfulness of God.

Please join us in prayers for this girl, that her curiosity in Christianity and the Bible will lead her into a place where she’ll come to know Jesus.

-Cameron May, a rising senior


This trip has transformed me completely. I came here with minimal expectations, trying to allow God to flow through me and work in ways I could never imagine. He did just that. Throughout this week I have noticed the major spiritual poverty here in England. Although the kids are pretty open and are learning about scripture in their schools, a difference between what they are “forced” to do and what they want to do is clearly seen. At Camp of Champions I was forced to have a level of patience I didn’t know possible. From seeing my group running around while we are supposed to talk, fighting, throwing things, crying, faking injuries, being stubborn, and even eating grass, Lydia and I’s patience was forced to reach a new level in our small group. However, God is great and He never leaves us out to dry. What seemed to be a dreadful week ended up being one of the greatest in my life. God used me specifically to speak with a few kids at the Camp and school, most with many questions and a hunger for truth, despite the fact that what they think is true is a lot of times completely wrong. I spoke with specifically and mainly two boys named Judd and Oscar, and a girl named Isabelle. They all started the week not even believing the Word as truth, and left as either believers or extremely close to making a decision. Seeing Judd pray with me to accept Christ was breathtaking. Overall, this trip has changed the way I look at patience and react to kids with minimal understandings of the Gospel. I praise God for the things He has done here in England. After this trip, I feel God calling me more into ministry, with the possible outcome of a gap summer or year in England. My prayers will continue for God to guide me as we go back to the states and live on mission at home as the Word says. I am so so eager to see what He does in the future and where He will use me to expand His kingdom!

-Treyson West, a rising senior

What incredible testimonies of God’s power to reveal Himself and save! It’s been such a joy to watch the Lord move to answer prayers both in England and Spain–blowing our minds and saving souls that we never would’ve dreamed would be interested in the gospel! It’s been so cool to join God in the work He is doing in the on-going ministries in York, Middlesbrough and Girona. We still will have so much to process as we wrap up our time in London together, so don’t worry, there will be a few more blogs for you to enjoy 🙂 Join us in continuing to pray over the people that we met this week and the seeds of the gospel sown. As well as the local team members on the ground in these places that will be following up on the ministry that took place in the coming weeks. Thank you for your prayers and support on our journey!