Hello to one and all!

We arrived in Honduras Sunday late-morning and hit the ground running so to speak. Thanks for your prayers so far as we already see God using our students and leaders to draw hearts closer to him! Here is a glimpse of what God has done and is doing from the perspective of some of our team:

Our first day in Honduras introduced us to the culture we’ll be around for the rest of the week. During rice and beans ministry, we met a woman who had taken in two children and had three of her own. They lived in a small concrete house, and the woman had taken in the kids because they became orphans after her sister died. She invited us into her home, shared her story with us, and let us pray with her and her kids. Just in one day we have met so many kind and inviting families. I’m excited to see what the rest of the week will bring.“

– Claire McCleary, student

Maria, a mother in her 70s, was mourning the traffic accident death of her son when we stopped to deliver rice and beans and a prayer. She was also a victim of “four afflictions”: gout, diabetes, high blood pressure, and fever. Yet she had patience in suffering through her faith in God. I asked her what she loved about her son, and she said he had a Fear of God and was always the first to invite her to church. His final passing was “preciosa” i.e. mercifully peaceful. After we spoke and prayed, I gave her a hug and earned the first peck-on-the-cheek of the trip.”

– Trygve Lund, leader

“Following one of the groggiest mornings of my life, we finally arrived to warm temperatures in San Pedro Sula. Our mission field was revealed early to me as we met a couple of boys during our lunch at the mall. They were very sociable and wanted to know why we were there and what our church was up to.As we went to do rice and beans ministry, a door to door evangelical event, in the evening, I was shown how God creates opportunities for His message to be spread.A family requested that we offer the food to her neighbor, who wasn’t home during the time.She said that if we left the food, she would give the food to her neighbor and explain why we were there. She exemplified how God uses everyone in every situation to further His message and His kingdom. I can’t wait for tomorrow as we begin our physical labor, and we continue to see how the Lord works in and through us this week.”

– Jack Mullen, student

One thing our team has realized our first day is God’s work in Honduras. As we drove back to our hotel Sunday night, we couldn’t help but notice multiple church gatherings in the towns. We are thrilled we get to be a part of the story here! Please continue to join us in prayer expecting great things from God!