Our time in Honduras is near its end as we are packing our bags to board the plane Friday afternoon. A quote that comes to mind as we wrap up is “missions begins and ends with God.” It begins with God in that he begun the mission to save as many people as possible through his Son Jesus. And it ends with God in that he is the one who receives praise and glory for saving people. He is the initiator and the goal of mission! We are satisfied at the end of our time here because we know God is here! He will still continue his work here. He will be working among the children and families we served! We are blessed that he called us into his work in Honduras this year, and we praise him for what he has done. Here is a summary of the week by one of our students:

“This whole trip has been nothing but amazing. this is my very first mission trip and so far it iseverything i expected and so much more. A lot of times at home i get so caught up with everything i have going on in my life that i forget to stop and recognize Gods presence and this trip has opened my eyes and heart so much. i just love how no matter where you go and what you’re doing everyone is so welcoming and loving to you. i met the sweetest little girls at the orphanage and at the schools and it makes my heart so happy to see how happy they are with the very little they have and it has really showed me that no matter what these kids and families have they are so happy and loving no matter what. i love that this team has become my family, at the beginning of the trip i wasn’t that close with anyone and now i feel like i’ve known them forever. as the trip starts to come to a close i’m so thankful for everything God has done this week and i can’t wait to see all that God continues to do at home and here in Honduras.”

Grace Staten

God has revealed to our team more and more about himself so that we see his purposes more clearly as we head back to the States. Some of our team has been on this mission trip before and some for their very first time. Nevertheless, God continues to reveal truth to each us whether we are rookies or veterans. Here is what one of our students who has been on this trip before had to say:

“Usually I get all fired up for mission trips long before I actually go on them. As soon as our plane hits the ground, I get a wave of excitement about the gospel and everything I’m about to do. But I gotta be honest, towards the beginning of this week’s trip I just wasn’t feeling it. It was really hard for me to move past distractions of friends and my own mind and into the Lord’s sufficiency. I actually let this get to me to the point where I was believing some of the enemy’s lies about whether it was best for me to have gone on this trip. At first I was angry that I wasn’t experiencing much passion for the Lord’s work or the joy and instant comfort of being in Honduras that I’ve had in years past. However, through prayer, God reminded me that this is not my trip. I’m not here for my friends, and I’m definitely not here for myself. I’m here to help further the Kingdom and encourage its members, and whether or not I get a big spiritual revelation or learn some huge new truth about God isn’t for me to predict or expect. The Lord reveals what He wishes, and as long as I stay in humble surrender to Him, I can let the Holy Spirit work in and through me as God chooses. During work projects at Promise Home, when I’d get anxious or stressed, I’d simply walk away for a bit and just spend some time in the Lord’s presence, taking in the majesty of the view from the mountaintop, and asking God for a greater love for His people and a stronger passion for His word. In those times, God would let His peace absolutely overcome me. Another thing this week that I was in awe of was how quickly God answered several of my most anxious prayers. I feel like sometimes I go into prayer feeling like it’s a far away concept where God may or may not answer, or that my prayer is on hold for a while until He gets around to it. But the truth is that He always hears, He always answers, and sometimes He answers right away, which only proves His goodness and grace all the more! God desires to give us good gifts, and when what we ask lines up with His will and word, He will bless us for it. This week, learning about myself and God’s nature has shown me that God really did have a plan for me on this trip, and that He blesses His children when they call to Him. I’m continuing to pray for total surrender as I plunge back into America and it’s repetitive, deceiving cycles. I’m going to remember that God’s presence and power moving in me doesn’t depend on how I feel. It leans on the immeasurable strength of His power, and whether or not I am willing to surrender.”

Marlee Melbert

Another student who was attending her first mission trip sums up her week this way:

“Honduras has been an eye opening experience for me. This was my first mission trip and I am really glad that God compelled me and my family to come. It was so interesting to see the pure joy of the people of this country! Every single person I met had a huge smile on their face and were so friendly and hospitable. Seeing the happiness of these people even in impoverished conditions made me realize that I need to be more thankful everyday for what I have. I met so many sweet children that left an impression on me and will be in my thoughts and prayers as we head back.“

Camille McCleary

Missions begins and ends with God. God called us to go. We responded and went. Now our response is praise! Praise God that he is here in Honduras. Praise God because he will continue to build his kingdom here! Praise God because he will build his kingdom where we are back in the States as we respond to his calling and GO!