Something Challenging

Blessed, Chosen, Predestined, Adopted, Given Grace, Loved, Redeemed, Forgiven, Informed, Purposed, Unified.

These are descriptors of what God has done for those that are IN Christ.  At Huddles, we have been walking through Ephesians.  Eph. 1:1-14 gives us our NEW identity.  It is like a cool, refreshing drink in 100 degree weather. Spiritually, it is water for the soul as we remind ourselves of what God has saved us FOR.  A few things that I have been thinking on…

  • JD Greear makes the observation that, “God doesn’t choose us because we are lovely. We are lovely because God chose us.”
  • Predestined means destined for a purpose.  It is also past tense.
  • God os not hiding his intentions.

Read Ephesians 1:1-14

  1. What has God done, what is He doing, what will He do?
  2. What does adoption mean when God is doing it?
  3. What mystery is being revealed in verse 10?
  4. What is significant about verses 13-14?

A right understanding of God and how He is transforming us drives our very being to take the Kingdom to every sphere of influence.  Enjoy and embrace!

Something Helpful

Are you aware of the Netflix original series, 13 Reasons Why?  Here is a trailer for the series, CLICK HERE.  The series is starting to pick up some press.  I first learned of it just 4 days after Netflix made available.  I was at a baseball game at Plano East.  There were several pockets of teenagers standing throughout the park, and every conversation LITERALLY revolved around Hannah Baker’s suicide and the tapes she left behind.  Some of those teenagers were OUR teenagers.  Wanting to learn more, Mallory and I spent the next week very cautiously watching all 13 episodes.  My heart is broken that this is what our kids are watching.  Broken.

THIS ARTICLE pretty much sums up my views about 13 Reasons Why.

Glamorization of suicide, little regard for the value of life and relationships, rape cover up, loads of apathy, a desensitization to course language and hopelessness to name a few themes of the show.  So much hopelessness.  The glamorization comes with Hannah’s “revenge” tapes that she wasn’t even around to see.  What breaks my heart is that no one was ever there to tell her about the way out of brokenness.  Death was the escape.

I bring this up because our students ARE watching this.  There ARE reports of students taking there lives in light of 13 Reasons Why?  There are teenagers hurting and in need of Jesus.  Do you know of any students in our ministry that are hurting on this kind of level?  I bring up a Netflix series so that you know what our teenagers are watching, and you can speak intelligently about it as we communicate HOPE to the hopeless!!!

Something To Do

This is an incredibly busy time for our teenagers.  Many are overwhelmed with everything that’s closing out and finals quickly approaching.  Do you know how your assigned students are doing?  Had lunch with a leader this week that was able to talk with me about each one of his students. Are you taking the time to cultivate those kind of relationships?

  • Try going to an end of the year choir/band concert, baseball game, pop show, etc. in the coming weeks.  Showing up and saying “good job” goes a long way on Sundays.
  • Text your assigned students and let them know how you are praying for them.  Then, do that.

Let’s make sure we provide appropriate care and support for these students as we show them how to walk like Jesus.

Something Upcoming

Student Camp 2017: Student Camp is coming! So excited for it.  This is always a great opportunity for our students to grow in their faith.  As in the past, we financially cover our leaders for the week.  If you are able and desire to join the fun, CLICK HERE to fill out the form.  The dates are June 14-17 (Wednesday-Saturday).

Summer Schedule: With the summer approaching, we are preparing for all that is in store.  This year, from the dates of June 11-August 13, we are offering a summer sabbatical for all adult leaders that serve Heights Students.  This is not a “sleep in and don’t come to church” kind of invite.  We want you to plug in and stay healthy.  No judgement.  If you want/need this invitation, I need a simple email stating so please.  Helps us plan for table groups.  More summer schedule info coming soon!

May 14:  Happy Mother’s Day.  We love our moms.  That morning, at 9:30am, we will dismiss adult leaders to The Hub for a leader meeting.  While I teach students in the Brick, Pierce, Mollie & Chris Havard will give you tools for your tool belt, lead discussion and open the Bible together.