The day we have been anxiously anticipating for months has finally arrived. Student Camp 2018 has officially begun!! Throughout this week we want to keep you updated on what’s happening at camp and also give you a glimpse into how the Spirit of God is moving in the lives of students. We will do this by giving you a quick overview of the day and then let you hear from 2-4 students about the day from their perspective!

This morning we met up at the church and rode down to Carolina Creek Christian Camp. Upon arrival, we divided into our small groups, made our home in our cabins, and met up in the worship center for a quick camp orientation before our Kadoku teams took the field for the first time. The Kadoku theme this year is fictional worlds like Wakanda and Narnia. All week long students will be going head-to-head in athletic and skilled based challenges. By the end of the week, one fictional world will be deemed victorious! After a little delay for Kadoku and dinner due to lightning, we met for our first worship service with our camp pastor, Cory Butler, and band, the Jarryd Foreman band. After our worship gathering, we broke out into our small groups for discussion and to work through questions Cory gave us in his sermon. Then we joined back together for our Heights Students Got Talent Show, which was hilarious and so fun!

You guys, there are 170 students at camp this week, with 22 adult leaders, 8 staff, plus our production crew and camp pastor and band here to help lead them! As we gather together this week, both in small and large group times, we are going to be unpacking what our purpose is as followers of Jesus. Students will be opening the Word of God and wrestling through questions like, “What does it mean to be called by God?” and “What is God’s will for my life?” We are SO excited and expectant to see what God is going to reveal to us!

Check out today from the perspective of a few students–

Student camp never disappoints, and this year’s first day was one for the books! It amazes me how God can sweep in as fast as one day and jumpstart people’s hearts with his power. From Kadoku to the worship, it all was a blast! Cory did an amazing job as well talking about how every single person will end up dedicating their life to something or other, but if that thing isn’t Jesus, “it will not hold water.” It won’t work. And that really spoke to me tonight. In our short time on earth, we devote our time and wisdom and passion to the most temporary, useless things when we could choose to add to the Lord’s infinite kingdom instead, serving Jesus and basking in his riches and love. -Marlee Melbert, a rising sophomore at Wylie Prep

Such a fun first day at camp & I’m so excited for this week!! Today after we got to camp, we got to play some games, worship, & get to know the people in our cabins a little more. This being my last camp, everything about it feels so bittersweet, but I am just so excited & expectant in how the Lord is going to move this week. In a season of transition as I get ready to move to another state in less than two months for college, it’s just so fitting we’re spending this week talking about purpose & how that will look for me to live it out, wherever I may land. I’m just praying this week for God to interrupt my life & remind me, His plans truly are so much greater than mine- & that we must sacrifice the kingdoms we build for ourselves, to be able to enjoy the unfathomably great kingdom God invites us to be a part of. Expectant, excited, & thankful for this time at camp!! -Natalie Russell, a rising freshman at the University of Arkansas

And this is only day one! Join us in praying that God would fill us, “with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him: bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.”-Colossians 1:9-10