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The Student Leadership Team  is for students who are passionate about the Gospel and are seeking more  of a leadership role.  They provide input to the whole of the ministry and are given more responsibility within Heights Students programming.  

Take The Lead


Bless the Class of 2020 So…why? We are asking our Adult Life Groups to bless the Class of 2020. As you can imagine, they are missing out on a lot of milestone events [...]

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I never had any idea that those people that I met would become some of the best friends I’ve ever had.  Each year going to camp I know that my friendships are going to [...]

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Switch At Home

CLICK HERE FOR WEEK 5 “GREATER THAN” YOUTUBE VIDEO WEEK 5 DISCUSSION GUIDE: 4.29.20 KEY VERSES: James 2:14-17 Discussion Questions Describe a recent time when you have seen God at work in your life. How [...]

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