After months of anticipation and prep, camp 2019 is finally here! We are excited about all the fun that we will be having this week and are expecting God to move in big and powerful ways. We want to give those who aren’t with us a glimpse into our day-to-day life at camp and tell how the Spirit of God is moving in the lives of our students. Each day we will be posting a blog that gives each of y’all an overview of our day and then let you hear from students on their perspectives of the day!

This morning we all met up at the church, packed up the buses, and drove down to Carolina Creek Christian Camp! When we arrived everyone set up camp in their cabins with their small groups, and then gathered in the worship center for camp orientation. Students then went out to the rec field for our Kadoku opening ceremony and competed for the first time! Each day this week our students will be given the opportunity to compete in athletic and skilled based challenges to win points for their Kadoku teams. This year our theme for Kadoku is fast-food chains, and so each team will be representing a fast-food chain such as Chick-fil-A or Whataburger. By the end of the week, one fast-food chain will come out on top!

This evening we gathered for our first worship service lead by Logan Walter Band and speaker Dave Rhodes. Throughout this week we will be looking at the giants that we are often faced with- such as fear, comfort, rejection, and addition, and how these giants have been conquered by Jesus.

After our worship service, students went to their cabins for small group discussion and dug in deeper to the questions Dave asked in his sermon. Later in the evening, we gathered again for our Heights Students Variety Show, in which our students got the opportunity to show off their talents to everyone. The Variety Show was such a fun kickstart to our late night times we will be having this week!

This week there are over 150 students, over 25 adult leaders, our production crew, camp pastor, and worship band and we are praying that each person here will encounter the living God, and would walk away changed knowing that whatever giant they are facing have been defeated by Jesus. We are expectant to see all that God is going to this week!

Check out some comments from one of our students on his experience today….

The first day of camp always comes with some element of surprise. Even with this being my junior year I had no clue what to expect. All I knew is I wanted to be convicted. I wanted to be stripped down until all I could do is worship God and until all I knew was that I needed Him to fix me.  The first night of camp did exactly that. Dave Rhode’s opening talk was incredibly powerful and began to stir my spirit and convict me, just as I had been praying for. By the time the band came up to close our large group session in worship, I found myself glued to my seat, head in my hands, deep in prayer confessing to God and praising Him.  The idea that I can’t handle my struggles myself is something that terrifies me to no end, but tonight God’s revealed himself to me and begun to strip me down.  When the music stopped and we returned to prayer, I found myself in tears for the first time since I can even recall. I was in total reverence and awe of God in that moment. My small group saw me beginning to work through these struggles with my group, and God continued to convict me, all the while reminding me that He is with me always, no matter my struggles.  My biggest prayer for the rest of this week is more of what I experienced tonight. Answers to prayer. Conviction. And constant reminders that I need God in every aspect of my life.  Remembering that God is bigger than my fears, as well as my personal goals and aspirations is my greatest self-reminder for the week.

-Jack Mullen, rising senior at Plano Senior

It’s only day one! Please join us in praying for God to continue tuning all of our hearts to Him this week, teaching us to walk in the victory that has already been won for us through Christ.