As a staff member, I was completely on board with the vision of our church! However, as an adult leader who is seeking to make disciples of our students, I sometimes struggled to see how this played out practically. This morning I saw the beauty  of an R3 group play out before my eyes.

I have been meeting with a few 9th grade boys before school every 2-3 weeks. We spent the first part of our time together simply talking about school, their baseball season and life in general. Then for the next 15-20 minutes we discussed our church’s first missional measure: I have been & and being transformed by the gospel of Jesus and Romans 1. I asked them questions like “What is the gospel?” and “What does it mean to be transformed by the gospel?” and “What does it mean to be continually transformed by the gospel?” etc… Here is when I grasped the greatness of R3. We ended our time together by describing specific things that we can do in order to take our “next step” in this missional measure together. One of our students admitted that he needed to spend more time in scripture and challenged himself to spend 15 minutes a day meditating on the scriptures. The other student admitted that he has not been coming to church on Sunday mornings and that he simply wanted to get involved in a local church again.

This was so encouraging because both students were able to lay out a plan for taking their next step in becoming more like Christ. For one it was becoming a better student of the scriptures while the other committed himself to becoming involved  in the local church. I clearly saw how R3 groups are not about comparing your spiritual progress to other people but are about taking real, applicable, life-changing steps to becoming more Christ-like.

Thomas Seith
Ministry Resident, High School